TIP Challenge

Share your weight loss success to inspire others and the change to win $500.

Trim Inches and Pounds for Christ Weight Loss Challenge (TIP) is a year-long competition to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to build a stronger relationship with God in the process. The grand prize winner will receive $500 and their success promoted on The Praise Report website to inspire others by their passion and dedication. The competition kicks off on July 18,2016; however, individuals may join at any time. Participants’ weight loss progress will be calculated by percentage and the individual with the greatest percentage of body weight loss at the conclusion of the competition on July 18, 2017 will be awarded the grand prize. Visit Amazon.com or Createspace.com to purchase the Trim Inches and Pounds for Christ book and it’s companion journal by Tommie Merritt (tools that will aid you in achieving your weight loss goals and obtain a closer relationship with God). Be sure to log your pounds and inches weekly, monthly or as you choose. Each participant must submit a before and after photo. Winner will be notified by email. We reserve the right to use the winner’s name and all photos submitted in the TIP weight loss challenge promotions. Good luck as you trim inches and pounds for Christ and obtain a closer relationship with God. Sign up today for this incredible opportunity!

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